Charity Quilts

Our members are involved in a number of charitable projects throughout the year. Have a look at a selection of our projects below:

Neonatal Quilts for Queen Alexandra Hospital (annual project)

Our members lovingly make quilts for the neonatal unit at QA throughout the year.
If you’d like to help make a neonatal quilt, please use the following guidelines:

20” x 24” baby quilt with wadding and backing
30” x 33” incubator covers – please use a dark fabric to back this and don’t use any wadding.

2019 Quilt for Hayling Voluntary Services

This year we collaborated on one big fantastic raggy quilt which we gifted to the wonderful Hayling Voluntary Services. They are going to raffle it to help them with their fundraising.

2018 Christmas Stockings for the Elderly of Hayling

We braved the snow in March to come together to make 60 fantastic Christmas stockings. These will be given out (containing small gifts) to the elderly people of Hayling Island at a community Christmas lunch for those who would otherwise be alone on Christmas Day.

2017 – 70273 Project

This is a Worldwide collaborative art project commemorating the lives of the 70,273 physically and mentally disabled people murdered by German Nazis in 1940-41.

Each block is made with a white background and two red crosses (representing the medical notes and the crosses signed by doctors sealing the fate of one individual). These blocks are being sewn together into quilts to be displayed around the world. For more information, see

2017 Days for Girls

Days for Girls are a charity set up to help girls across the globe manage their monthly cycles and keep them in school rather than staying home for one week in four. Following a really informative evening from the charity about their work, our group spent a day making the D4G kits to be sent out to Africa.

To date, the charity has reached over one million women and girls in 116+ countries with D4G kits and menstrual health education. For more information, see

2017 Fiddle quilts for dementia & Quilts for the Women & Children’s refuge

Another fabulous day of quilting in what is becoming our annual charity ‘quiltathon’!
Our lovely ladies made some fabulous fiddle quilts to give to care homes for people with dementia as well as some beautiful quilts for our local Women and Children’s refuge.

All of our fabric is donated and it is amazing to see the varied and colourful creations that appear from a table full of fabric!

2016 Quilts for Kids

The charity quilting ‘marathon’ took place in February. Our challenge was to provide a quilt for every child in Hill Crest Care homes on Hayling. These children have few belongings of their own and we wanted to give them something snuggly to own. We had an extraordinary day of cutting, piecing and quilting. The result was over 30 beautiful, individual quilts which we handed over to Jubilee School where the children attend, as well as a lovely wall hanging for the school itself.

We have decided to keep this as an ongoing project to provide quilts as new children arrive. If you’d like to make a quilt, please make a single quilt either backed with fleece or make with wadding and backing in the traditional way. Most of the quilts were made with a 9-patch but any pattern, any fabric will do! The quilt will be given to a child aged between 6 and 18 years.

2015 ‘Big Pink Quilt In’ for Breast Cancer Care

Forty ladies had a fabulous day in February with pink fabric! We wanted to support this amazing charity and decided to pool our resources and make one ‘big pink quilt’ – 240 blocks were pieced to create a kingsize quilt. This was truly a team effort and the result was spectacular.

Raffle tickets were sold throughout the year with the winner picked in October – Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The grand total of monies raised was £2,425 which we were absolutely thrilled with. Thank you to everyone who helped make our quilt and to all the wonderful people who supported us and bought raffle tickets.